WTF! Man’s hand amputated for mast*rbating during ramadan


Al Bahah | A Saudi Arabian man has been amputated of his left hand because of his obsessive habit of masturbating during the sacred religious period of Ramadan.
The man caused a commotion last week as he exhibited his genitals while masturbating during prayer time in a large mosque of the Al Bahah area, creating a wave of panic amongst fellow worshippers who exited the mosque in great numbers reports the Riyad Herald.

The man’s family that claims that he is sick and possessed by an evil jinn (spirit) also said he had no control over his left hand and masturbated often, even while reading the Quran, during prayer time and at the mosque.

“I can’t bring my son anywhere, he always masturbates everywhere we go. It is like his hand is possessed by some evil jinn,” said his mother in court.
“We were also ordered to kill most of our goats because he had haraam (improper) relations with them. My son’s disease has brought shame and poverty to our family,” she added in tears.


source : Wordlnewsdailyreport

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