Nasty C Comes Hard On Young Rappers Singing About Other Rappers…


South African rapper, Nasty C has some advice to give to young rappers expressing their bitterness about other rappers through rap.

This message was passed on his Instastory where he stated that the upcoming rappers in South Africa should stop singing against what other made rappers are singing about, rather they should know what they’re passionate about or what they’ve been through in life and sing their hearts into it.

Nasty C revealed that these rappers countering the supposedly made rappers are the ones helping those rappers to be more popular because they’re using their talents to give the made rappers who sing about girls and drugs more promotion, but aside that, these rappers who sing about girls and drugs have a fan base that relates to the themes of their songs. Instead of attacking them and feeling more deserving than them, they should focus on whatever message they’d like to pass across to the people and use rap as their tool to do that.

The singer went further to state that he knows these things happen because he was once rapping that way but when he realized how wrong he was, he started rapping about his mother and other issues and he now has a fanbase that connects to the kind of songs he makes now.

In Nasty C’s words;

…Until you do it from the heart and rap about something you actually go through and something you actually know, you’re going to keep getting surpassed by motherf**kers that make songs about drugs, about f**king b*tches and driving nice cars because all you do is blast them and you don’t rap about your own story, that’s always gonna happen… you can bet your money on it!”


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