Latest Update On Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria 2018


Latest Update On Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria 2018 

Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria 2018… Its no longer news that Nigeria still does not manufacture cars (except for a few cases where we hear of cars being assembled in Nigeria).
                                  Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria 2018
This post will list out the current cost of clearing cars in Nigeria Tin can port, Cotonou (Seme Border), Apapa Port and other ports to deliver them to a client in Nigeria. Charges such as Nigerian custom duty charge on imported cars, port charges and clearing agent charges will also need to be paid for this to be successfully carried out.
As of last year, the system by which the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) charges for clearing cars changed. Instead of charging according to year of manufacture, they now charge according to the cost of the car not the year of manufacture.
The charge is 35% of whatever you paid for the vehicle and a levy of 35% making 70% of what you paid for the car. So assuming you bought a car for N2 million, you will spend N1.4 million to clear the car. You can easily do the math yourself.
These price can be brought down if you can find a good clearing agent. Some agents gave us the estimated cost of clearing some cars manufactured in the following year:

Estimated Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria.

Nissan Pathfinder 2001 – ₦350,000
Nissan Primera 2003 – ₦315,000
Toyota Rav4 2004 – ₦335,000
Kia Sorento 2004 – ₦360,000
Lexus RX 330 2004 – ₦370,000
Nissan Pathfinder 2005 – ₦400,000
Toyota Highlander 2005 – ₦450,000
Toyota Corolla 2005 – ₦300,000
Toyota Tundra 2005 – ₦400,000
Toyota Corolla 2006 – ₦300,000
Toyota 4Runner 2006 – ₦450,000
Lexus RX 350 2007 – ₦600,000
Lexus RX 350 2008 – ₦700,000
Toyota Highlander 2008 – ₦500,000
Lexus RX 350 2009 – 800,000
Lexus RX 350 2010 – ₦950,000
Toyota 4Runner 2011 – ₦900,000
Mercerdes-Benz ML350 2012 – ₦1,515,000
Toyota Venza 2013 – ₦1,400,000
Toyota Camry 2013 – ₦1,350,000
Toyota Camry 2015 – ₦1,500,000.

Zonal Offices Where to Clear Your Cars.

The popular ports in Nigeria through which cars are brought in are Tin Can port and Apapa port. You will only clear at Seme border if you’re importing your car from Cotonou. The various fees to pay at this border includes the custom duty, the port charge and the clearing agent fee.
Verification of car status can be done at any of the four zonal centres of the Nigerian Customs Service. It is at this place you pay the fees for your car’s uncleared status. The four zonal offices includes:
  1. Zone A Headquarters, No. 1 Harvey Road, Yaba, Lagos;
  2. Zone B Headquarters, Kabala Doki, Kaduna;
  3. Zone C Headquarters, Nigeria Ports Authority, Port Harcourt and;
  4. Zone D Headquarters, Yelwa Tudu Road, Bauchi State.
Another method of verification is to call or send an SMS to the following NCS numbers along side you C-number, the year you paid your duty and the port or location through which your car was brought into the country. The numbers to call are: 094621597, 094621598 and 094621599. You should receive a custom clearance after some few minutes.
N/B: Even though the process of ascertaining the status of your car can be tedious at-times, it is better to do so as the law states that any car that hasn’t been duly cleared shall be tagged “a smuggled car” and can lead to fines or arrest of car owner or dealer by the law enforcement agencies that clear vehicles in Nigeria.

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