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FG BEA Scholarship Past Questions and Answers… FG BEA Scholarship past questions and answers is available here for download. This page will give you a better chance of scoring higher on the screening test. Follow the information below;

                                     FG BEA Scholarship Past Questions

Imagine yourself succeeding on the test and being given opportunity to study in any university of your choice around the world, of course that will be a wow! You will not only make history in your family but you will also a pave a way for your academic success.
Research has proven that one of the ways of scoring high in any scholarship screening exercise is the comprehensive study of its Past Questions and Answers because of the verbatimrepetition of questions.

FG BEA Sample Scholarship Questions

1. When did Nigeria export her first crude oil
  1. 1952
  2. 1956
  3. 1958
  4. 1961
2. A check by a bank on itself is called ……………….
  1. Credit transfer
  2. Direct debit
  3. Certified cheque
  4. Bank draft
3. If a/(a+b) = 37/40. Find a/(b – a)
  1. 7/34
  2. 3/37
  3. 7/37
  4. 3/34
4. Various documents used different transport systems such as:
Bill of Lading, bill of sight, consignment note etc, search for others
5. A check by the bank on itself is known as ………..
Bank draft, also look for meaning of Direct debit, certified check, credit transfer
6. When did Nigeria export her first crude oil …….
The answer is 1958.
7. If R:S = 4:5, Find 5R.
You should solve that in less than 60 secs and give an answer.
8. Where was the first Petro-chemical industry established?
  1. Kaduna
  2. Port-Harcourt
  3. Lagos
  4. Warri
9. If a/(a+b) = 37/40 Find a/(a-b) …..
10. If m=0 then (m-m)/(m+m)=?
Sample of Total Scholarship Logical Reasoning Questions
Six people, Alan, Betty, Charles, David, Elmer, and Faith. Compete in a cooking contest at the country fair.
Their finishing positions at the contest are as follows:
Alan  finishes neither first nor last
Betty finishes ahead of both Charles and David
Elmer finishes in third place 
11. Which of the following is a complete and accurate list of all contestants who could finished first?
(a)   Betty or Elmer
(b)   Betty or Faith
(c)   Betty, Charles, or David
(d)  Betty, Charles, or Faith
(e)   Betty, Charles, David.
12. Which of the following could be the finishing order?
(a) Betty, Faith, Elmer, Alan, David, Charles
(b) Betty, Elmer, Charles, David, Alan, Faith
(c) Alan, Faith, Elmer, Betty, Charles, David
(d)Faith, Charles, Elmer, Betty, Alan, David
(e) Betty, Faith, Elmer, Charles, David.
Attempt these questions as common type of questions always come out in the Total Scholarship Exam. Good Luck!

How to Download FG BEA ScholarshipPast Questions.

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