Checkout List of Private Universities in Nigeria 2018 and their School Fees


List of Private Universities in Nigeria 2018 and their School Fees.
A private University is an independent school that sets its own policies and goals and is privately funded. Private University is generally smaller than public universities. And private University is notable in times of invention of new ideas and development.

List of Private Universities in Nigeria 2018

List of Private Universities in Nigeria 2018
The number of private universities in Nigeria has increased tremendously within the last decade. This increase has brought about a stiff competition in the quality of education available in the country presently, as this has engineered us into writing about the List of Private Universities in Nigeria and their school fees.
While the public universities still maintain a great standard of learning, private universities In Nigeria boast of a smooth calendar that isn’t hindered by strike action as very well noticed in the public schools.
The only downside to the private system of education in the country is the exorbitant fees and charges which is not easily affordable to everyone.
Stay calm and read through…

Private Universities in Nigeria 2018

The list as seen below is not based on the best private Universities In Nigeria but a collection of their fees which from time to time, either increases or reduces.

1. American University Of Nigeria, Yola

The American University of Nigeria Yola is so far the most expensive private university in Nigeria. School fees are paid in dollars but when converted to Naira, it amounts to 1,590,000
AUN School Fees – N3,000,000
Accommodation.  Fees for accommodation vary depending on the number of bed spaces.  There is the Triple Room without facilities, which costs N360,000 while the Highest accommodation available ( the double Room W/Facilities) costs N650,000.
Other fees  are included, which sums it up to around N3 million Naira per session.

2. Achievers University, Owo

This one of the private universities In Nigeria. Compared to other private universities in Nigeria, Achievers University, Owo school fees is quite affordable.
Achievers University School Fees: ₦420, 000
Fees break down by department and level.
100 Level 500,000
200 Level 500,000
300 Level 550,000
400 Level 550,000
500 Level 600,000
100 Level 450,000
200 Level 450,000
300 Level 500,000
400 Level 500,000
100 Level 400,000
200 Level 400,000
300 Level 500,000
400 Level 500,000
Registration Fee per Session – N10,000
Development Levy per session – N20,000
Acceptance Fees for Fresh Students – N20,000
Vocational Training Fee per Session (100L & 200L only) – N20,000
Field Trip/Practical sessions for Geology, Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing Students Per Session
Accommodation per Bed Space at Permanent Site at:
4 bed spaces – N80,000
8 bed spaces – N45,000
Accommodation per Bed space at Mini Campus:
2 bed spaces – N70,000
3 bed spaces – N60,000
4 bed spacea – N50,000
Late Registration Fee per Semester – N25,000

3. Adeleke University, Ede.

Located in Ede, Osun state Nigeria. Their school fees is 350,000 Naira. You would agree with me as regards its affordability.
School Fees: ₦350,000
Adeleke University School Fees Schedule
Fees for All Degree Courses (100 level)
(Fresh student)
Tuition 273,100
Feeding 113,400
Accommodation 40,000
Sum total is  569,500 for fresh students.
Fees for Returning Students (200 level – 400 level)
Tuition 273,100
Accommodation 40,000
Feeding 113,400
Sum total is 516,000

4. Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

We cannot talk about the list of private universities in Nigeria without mentioning Afe Babalola University, Ado ekiti, Ekiti state
Tuition fees: ₦690,000
LAW:  the tuition is N1,000,000, other fees to be paid sum up to make a total of N1,492,750.
Medicine and surgery:  The tuition fee is N1,250,000 and other addition payment  sum it up to N1,752,750.
Engineering: the tuition fee is N1,250,000 and other additional payment sum it up to N1,752,750.
School fee: N902,750.
These figures could increase depending on the hostel accommodation (with 2 or 4 bed spaces). Rooms with 2 bed spaces cost more.

5. Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria

Tuition fees: ₦500,000
HUMANITIES – 445,000
NOTE: PARENT FORUM LEVY of (ten thousand naira only) N10,000 is COMPULSORY for all students and must be paid too.

6. Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State

Tuition fees according to department.
Medical courses – N600,000
Engineering courses – N500,000
Social Sciences – N420,000
Other courses – N400,000
Including a N50,000 Acceptance Fee for freshers.

7. Babcock University, Ilishan Remo

Their school fee ranges between N620,000 to N3 million. In Babcock University, total amount to be paid depends on your meal and hostel accommodation.  The university offers two and three daily meal services, And for accommodation, there are three to seven students in a room.
Accommodation option includes
regular (7 in a room)
premium ( 4 in a room)
classic (3 or 2 in a room).
Break down of Babcock school fees:
Medicine: N3 million
Law: N2 million
Accounting: N1.5 million
other departments: N620,000 – N860,000.

8. Bowen University, Iwo

Owned and operated by the
Nigerian Baptist Convention, located at Iwo in Osun State and established in November 4, 2002.
Tuition fee ranges from
N500,000 to N750,000 per annum.
The university only
Provides accommodation and tuition. Students are
made to be responsible for their food from the schools cafeteria.

9. Igbinedion University, Okada

If we were to sum up the list of private universities in Nigeria according to the year founded, IU Okada would come on top as the first private university in Nigeria.
The university was founded upon receipt of certificate of approval on May 16, 1999, making it the premier private university in
The tuition fees ranges from N540,000 to N3 million. Students are responsible for their feeding.
Medicine: N3million
Pharmacy: N610,000
Law: N610,000 and
Engineering: N610,000
Accommodation: N100,000
Other charges: N110,000.

10. Crawford University, Igbesa

It was established in 2005. The school
provides only accommodation for students but does not
provide feeding.
You only pay for tuition,
accommodation and some additional charges. The school
fee ranges from N400,000 to N600,000.

11. Redeemer’s University

Redeemer’s University is a Christian institution located in
Redemption City, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was established in
Break down of fees by department.
Natural Science – N605,000,
Management Sciences – N575,000
Humanities – N545,000
The school only provides accommodation without feeding, students are responsible for their feeding.

12. Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu State

Caritas University Enugu School Fees break down.
Management and Social Sciences.
1st Year – N248,000.
2nd Year – N398,000.
3rd Year – N398,000.
4th Year – N398,000.
Faculty of Engineering
All Engineering courses offered.
1 Year – NGN298,000 (annually)
2 Year – NGN450,000
3 Year – NGN450,000
4 Year – NGN450,000
5 Year – NGN450,000
Department of Natural Sciences.
1st Year – N248,000
2nd Year – N398,000
3rd Year – N398,000
4th Year – N398,000
Environmental Studies
1st Year – N248,000
2nd Year – N398,000
3rd Year – N398,000
4th Year – N398,000

13. Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin

Tuition fees: N350,000

14. Paul University, Awka

Tuition fees: N300, 000

15. Wellspring University, Benin, Edo state

Tuition fees: N213,750

16. McPherson University, Abeokuta

Tuition fees: N491, 000

17. Fountain University, Osogbo

Tuition fees: N341, 500

18. Benson Idahosa, Benin City

Tuition fees: N500,000

19. Covenant University, Ota

Tuition fees: N432,000

20. Caleb University, Lagos

Tuition fees: N505,000

21. Crescent University Abeokuta, Ogun State

Tuition fees: N480,000

22. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji

Tuition fees: N436,000

23. Lead City University, Ibadan

Tuition fees: N550,500

24. Novena University Delta State Ogume

Tuition fees: N400,000

25. Obong University Nigeria, Obong Ntak

Tuition fees: N190,000

26. Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu – Osun state

Tuition fees: N164,000 Naira

27. Rhema University

Tuition fees: N325,000

28. Veritas university, Abuja

Tuition fees: N450,000
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