See 9 Universities that Offer Mass Communication In Nigeria


See 9 Universities that Offer Mass Communication In Nigeria

In this post you will see the full list of 9 Universities that Offer Mass Communication In Nigeria. Mass communication is an exciting four years course studied in the University and with a faced-paced field with a wide selection of careers in areas like journalism, public relations, television and radio broadcasting.
For those that may further, there is an eighteen months master degree which will give the participant more experience, knowledge to execute the given obligations. Ideal for those with inquisitive minds and a passion for storytelling, mass communication studies examine the processes and the impact on local and global cultures of different forms of media.

9 Universities that Offer Mass Communication In Nigeria

  1. AAUA – Adekunle Ajasin University
  2. CARITAS – Caritas University,Enugu
  3. CRUTECH – Covenant University, Canaan Land
  4. ESUTECH – Enugu State University Of Science And Technology
  5. NASARAWA – nasarawa state university
  6. MADONNA – – Madonna University
  7. RSUST – Rivers State University of Science and Technology
  8. WELLSPRING – Wellspring University
  9. WESTERN-DEL – Werstern Delta University
Educational Information
Generally, students who obtain a bachelor’s degree related to mass communications can pursue entry-level positions in the field. However, experience also plays an important role in employment. Many degrees in the field, particularly those at the master’s degree level, also offer specialization options that include news presentation, sports communication, international communication and film. Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone as many would erroneously think. To a great extent mass media is a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life. Moreover, a great change can be observed in the concept of people working in mass media. Careers in Mass Communication can be high paying but also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.
As a mass communicator here are a few of the skills you will need to acquire as a foundation to rising as far as you can in any chosen job or career related to the use of mass media are: Verbal/written communication ability, persuasive/negotiation skills, idea evaluation, accuracy and attention to details (these days a little mistake can be amplified by the viral effect of mass media), research skills, analytical skills, creativity.
Mass media (which is what mass communication works with) has little boundaries. It is used to describe media platforms and channels that can be used for widespread communication and audience engagement. No longer are the radio and TV the major mass media used by mass communicators. The internet and mobile platforms along with all other new media have changed the definition and scope of mass media forever.
Job opportunities
For you as a graduate of mass communication desperate to know what possible options of lucrative, high paying jobs u can get are: business/industry, research analyst, media consultant (for business organisations), information analyst, information specialist, customer service representative, content marketing specialist, television and radio broadcasting companies, as a teacher, media librarian, reporter, newspaper editor, news director, copyright specialist, administrative assistant in government etc.


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