Writing an Essay for MTN Scholarship 2018 – Full Guidelines


Writing an Essay for MTN Scholarship 2018 – Full Guidelines

MTN Scholarship Essay Writing Guide,  Writing an Essay for MTN Scholarship 2018… In this article we will guide you on how to write an essay for MTN science and technology scholarship. See more details below;

                                   Writing an Essay for MTN Scholarship 2018  – Full Guidelines

The MTN Nigeria Scholarship was established by MTN Nigeria Communications Limited in July 2004 to stimulate initiatives of corporate social investment by MTN Nigeria with a view to improving the quality of life in communities across the country.  
We understand that many students lack information and essential knowledge to write a simple essay on MTN scholarships. So we’ve listed the steps you need to follow to write this essay. Please note that these steps can be used as a guide to writing any other scholarship program test. 

Writing an Essay for MTN Scholarship 2018  – Full Guidelines

The topic boldly stated that you should write on the pros and cons of telecommunication as a catalyst for economic development in Nigeria and the Essay should be between 150-180 words.
You should first analyze the components of the essay and put down reasonable definitions or explanations.
First, define communication and it’s importance. You could decide to write Communication is when information is passed from a sender to a recipient using a medium. There are different media that can be used, such as sound and touch.
The importance of communication cannot be emphasized… In fact, it would be very difficult for us to pass information without communication.
Information is what drives the economy. The more sophisticated the means of communication, the more efficient the economy will run.
Since you are not required to write much, all you would need to do is add one or two flavor to your definition above.
I would have written the full sample essay, but it would result to many duplicate posts in the MTN scholarship submission form. Your best be in getting shortlisted for this scholarship is to write a unique essay.
You don’t have to impress any one with vocabularies or long stories. Simply write what comes to your mind. Above all, make your essay simple and well punctuated.
Conclude your essay with beautiful finishing touches. You could write something like this..
In conclusion, communication is a very powerful tool that drives the economy. The more efficient we are able to communicate, the more smoothly the economy runs. However, there are cons of telecommunication as a catalyst for economic development in Nigeria.
Go through your write-ups and make necessary adjustments and grammar corrections. You could also remove parts you think is not convenient.
MTN has attached the submission form to the mail sent to you. Just click on the link and paste your essay in the essay writeup field. The following are fields you will find in the submission form.
First Name
Other names
Phone Number.
Essay Topic
Essay Writeup.
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