Today’s Inspiration From The CEO Of Bmasterz -Henry Aniagor (Please Read)


Today’s Inspiration From The CEO Of Bmasterz -Henry Aniagor (Please Read)

 So today, I want to talk to Nigerian students who are finding it difficult to cope in life. I know what you all are going through and I want to tell you that I experienced the worst.

Today's Inspiration From The CEO Of Bmasterz -Henry Aniagor (Please Read)
Today’s Inspiration From The CEO Of Bmasterz -Henry Aniagor (Please Read)
    You can go extra-miles in becoming whatever you want if you believe in yourself.
                  dear readers, I am Henry Aniagor and I am the CEO, the brain behind
Yesterday, I got a distress text message from an unidentified Nigerian student that inspired me to put this down.
                 This student,his name, according to him is Chigozie, actually contacted us via the live chat support on my site and coincidentally, I happened to be the admin who was on duty and had to attend to him, to him bringing up an unofficial conversation that ended up making me shed bloody tears.
                Chigozie told me he wants to apply for any available job,knowing that my site offers job recruitment opportunities.After suggesting some to him, based on his qualifications, he was forced to open up to me. You wouldnt believe what this young man is going through.I shedded tears.This is not something I have to share here.
               Chigozie, I believe that you are reading this. I lost my father when I was in JSS2.You could imagine how tender I was then. I was a very smart student, so brilliant that I never dropped from 1st position from my primary school through my high school. I lost my dad and I knew I had lost hope of schooling, but I was never ready to give up. Henceforth, I catered for my education myself from JS3 through SS3 from the money I raised by going for external quiz competitions and most at times, I had to go to stone queries and break lumps of stones under the harsh sun, from 6am to 8pm, just to make some money to pay for my school fees.
             I didnt allow this situation surface on my physical appearance.I was determined to be strong.I had less time to study since I had to do so many menial jobs to make it up………..
                   To be continued!
Just know that life is not a bed of roses or paths filled with thorns.It becomes what you make out of it. My life story is a perfect example.Always believe in God and yourself.These two will make you go heights.


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