JAMB 2018/19 : Factors To Consider When Choosing A College/University

Before enrolling to study in any college or university, there are some Criteria for choosing a college you should put into consideration. A good college helps in your studies and also in achieving your goals in life. You should be guided because your friends also wishes to attend the same college. Good to college can be awesome but you should forget the key factors to consider when choosing a university.
Below are the major key factors:

1. Courses available

Before selecting a college you wish to attend, you should check for the available accredited courses in the university. Some courses are not accredited in some colleges because they didn’t meet up with the Official requirements to offer such courses. Studying accredited course is very important especially in job seeking or when you wish to further your education in Master or higher level of education. Before you are accepted for any employment, you must have attended a certain course accredited in the University.

2. Degree offered

No matter the college you attend, it won’t be considered standard unless it offers a high degree level. For instance, Private universities offers Higher National Diploma(HND) certificate while Polytechnics offers Ordinary National Diploma (OND) certificate which is less standard as compared to HND. So it’s better to study in a Federal university than in Polytechnic goes a long way in your field of study and in employment.

3. Location

Location is one major factor to consider when you have to choose a college. Most people love to come from house to school and don’t prefer staying in campus while others before staying away from home so that they won’t be disturbed by their parents. It is left for you consider or discuss with your parents and also keep in mind that when staying in school, consider the distance between your lecture hall and hostel or lodge because it helps you in your school life.

4. Cost

You can’t determine which college you will attend when you can afford the tuition fees. Whether private or public universities, each pay different tuition fees which you can’t force your parent or guardian to pay for when they can’t afford it. You might also try applying for Scholarships because they help boost your financial life in school.

5. Rate of Admission

No one will want to apply school that they are quick aware that their chances of getting admission is slim. If you have applied for a school more than once and you weren’t given admission, you should reconsider changing institution regardless of the academic background and popularity of the school. A school with high reputation has high competitive rate of admission and if you think you are not academically stable to gain admission into the college, you should consider choosing another college.

6. Class Size

School publish information about their class size either on the net or through the media. Some students benefit more from small size class than large one in the sense that they can easily interact with their lecturers and have better learning experience while some consider large size better because they get high chances of getting admitted and get to meet more people and learn from them.

7. Campus Facilities

Some courses requires practical more than theoretical aspect. Before selecting a particular college, you should make inquires about the academic facilities of the school, If it can help in your area of study and enhance your academic performance.


There are the basic questions to ask yourself when choosing a college. Some students are easily deceived by their friends and ends up not coping in the college they find themselves. Be wise and do what is right because your future lies in your hands


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