After Admission : Where Should I Live In – Hostel Or Off Campus?

These are the top questions asked by using newly admitted students in respect to faculties expenses and course registration queries. I spent over 3 years in faculty hostel and so I have experienced a lot as regards the topic at hand. Latest School New will list and provide an explanation for the negative and positive aspects of school hostels. This piece is drafted and compiled based on findings from different universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria. 
The following are Universities and Polytechnics are put into consideration: Covenant University, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), University of Benin (UNIBEN), University Of Lagos (UNILAG), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Illorin (UNILORIN), Abu Zaria, Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Auchi Polytechnic, Lagos State University (LASU), University of Portharcourt (UNIPORT), University of Ibadan (UI),University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) and so on. Accept the fact that this topic is thrilling, educational and motivative.

Benefits of staying in School Hostel

Below are reasons why you should live in the University School hostel:

1. Hostel is fairly Comfortable:

Hostel is comfortable as regards to security and cult issues. With each passing day, we pay attention gists approximately how armed robbers assaulted college students who stay outdoor hostels (offcamous) and take most valuable houses from them. I’ve not heard or experienced such gun attack in campus hostels. It’s uncommon!
Every other commonplace protection danger outdoor campus is cultism. Cultists operate more out of doors campus than college hostels.
One beauty of residing in campus is that there are security guards all over the university surroundings. They constantly protect your by day or mostly at night when you are asleep.

2. Learn to Tolerate People:

A few species of humans and behaviours you may discover in school hostels will make you wonder whether those kind of people ever existed. But, you would be able to cope and tolerate them with time and understand their behaviours.
Before now, you continually sense that everyone has to suppose and act the manner you do; however you are incorrect. Simply the manner our faces differs, so additionally does our hearts and characters are not the same. Meeting one-of-a-kind individuals makes you understand and start to take them for who they’re. It is a common belief that If you are able to survive in the hostel environment, you can cope with any situation in life when you grow up. 

3. Study better:

You will be surrounded by students across various departments, interacting with them will help greater about other fields of take a look at. You might also try to cling yourself with brilliant students and read and solve questions with them.
I’ve been able to understand more approximately Medicine, Pharmacy, Accounting, Law, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Nursing, electrical connections  and different lovely courses due to the privilege i had to live with students from the ones departments and colleges. That is feasible due to the fact the faculty hostel lets in various students from different departments to live together.

4. Information Update: 

Information keeps you at the right position at the right time. The school hostel gives you first hand facts approximately what recent happenings in school and what might also probably manifest next. Sometimes lecturers may decide to change venues and time for lectures or practicals might start unknowingly, you easily get informed of such events in case such might arise due to the fact that you will get the information from one of your colleagues in hostel.

5. Attendance to Classes:

Believe me, hostel students attend class more often than off-camp students. You’ll also be able to get to class early in case of emergency tests and attendance. It is faster to go and pick out whatever you may have forgotten in the hostel than in the off-camp. Moreover, you get to save transport fees and prevent trekking when you stay in the hostel.

6. Stable water and Electricity supply:

Majority of University hostels in Nigeria provides their occupants with water supply and electricity. Mostly at night, you get uninterrupted power supply to read, charge your gadgets, cook, do assignments and so on. Unlike in off-campus where you need to purchase generator and fuel it every night to enjoy power supply.

7. School hostels are affordable:

Without any reasonable doubt, school hostel is much cheaper and easy to afford with respect to cost of staying off-campus. For those that are not financially stable or don’t have the money to stay off-campus, they can easily stay in the school campus and pay the campus fee.
There are the benefits of staying in school hostel, however, the above factors ought to be sufficient so that it will determine whether or not to live in hostel or not.

Reasons Why You Should not Live in School Hostel

As well as there are benefits for staying in a school hostel, there are also negative effects of living in a School Environment

1. Dirty Environment

Most University hostel cannot be compared to lodges in respect to cleanliness. Students dirty the toilets and loiter dirt around the school hostel premises. Sometimes student find it difficult going to the toilet or bathroom because of the offensive odour and poor view. Although the cleaners might be regularly cleaning the hostel, students will still find joy visiting the toilet without flushing or urinating in the bathroom, unlike off-campus where which room has its own toilet and bathroom which you can easily keep clean.

2. Lack of privacy

You’ll be wondering what number of individuals live per room in the faculty hostel. The range will be lesser than four for a high first-rate faculty hostel. But, the quantity typically ranges from eight to 17 people in line with room which can be annoying.
In Unilag, Uniben, AAU and different hostels, you have get lots of people living and scotting in one room. This will definitely end result to little or no privacy. You can’t have non-public non-public existence or private property. Your things could be taken without permission and you could meet random folks “crashing” on your bed space.

3. Bad Influence and Theft problems:

With such wide variety of people within the hostel, there’ll sincerely be terrible eggs. Keep in mind, evil conversation corrupts appropriate manners.
You can exchange from true, incredible, gentle and God fearing boy/female to a awful woman/boy in a single day. You are not immune, it could show up to many folks. This impact can start from the music, chat, and interactions that take place in the hostel.
Another terrible factor inside the School hostel is that students have the habit of stealing from their fellow students. They steal clothes, boxers, pants, laptops, telephones, slippers, bucket, shoes, headset, pot, and and even your food stuffs unlike in off-campus where by you and your room mates are the only occupants in a room.

4. Poor ventilation

Due to the huge number of occupants in a school hostel, students feel often hot and have poor air consumption. asthmatic or Ursa patients are not advisable to stay in hostel. With huge number of people within the room and everybody cooking concurrently, you may consider the warmth that might be generated. 


It is now your desire interest to decide whether to stay in the School hostel or not. You are aware of the benefits and turn down of staying in a University School hostel. But my advice is that as a year one students, you should consider staying in the hostel (hostel life experience) and later after your 100 Level decide to continue staying in the hostel or off-campus. You have any experience or information you wish to share about living in hostel, feel free to share using the comment box.


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