TELLA Open Seminar on Job Creation, From Uganda to Korea



TELLA is an emerging online education company in Korea that provides one-on-one English-language tutoring through mobile chats for Korean students. Now in its third year, the startup teaches more than 2,000 Korean students while providing an avenue of employment for talented Ugandan college graduates, all while leveraging machine learning to get the job done.

TELLA Open Seminar on Job Creation

TELLA has organized its 1st open seminar to be held in Kampala, with the title of “From Uganda to Korea: Earning by Serving”. The seminar’s purpose is to present a new way of creating jobs and wealth in Uganda through the power of information technology(IT) and high-quality products/services. The host startup is a great example of providing job opportunities for Ugandans by connecting the Korean market. Other speakers represent organizations that are facilitating job and wealth creation from the Uganda utilizing IT in various fields.
This TELLA Open Seminar will bring discussion and ideation among participants of the seminar to join or create teams and companies utilizing IT and various service industries. It is also an opportunity for job seekers to see what kind of careers can be built related to this topic. The startup alone aims to create more than 100 jobs by 2019 in Uganda as online English tutors and middle managers.

Event Date and Location

The TELLA Open Seminar will be at OUTBOX Hub located at Soliz House, Lumumba Avenue, Kampala and will run from 4:30 to 8:00 pm on 1st December 2017.
Entrance is absolutely FREE to all.

How to Attend

Interested? Follow the link below to register for a spot at the TELLA Open Seminar.


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