Step 1
First and foremost, you might want to begin with (1) LIBRARY CLEARANCE. Just walk in to Kenneth Dike Library where you’ll be given a form to fill. You are also expected to come with your KDL ID which will be submitted after the clearance. The clearance shouldn’t take more than 30minutes except you are owing book(s) to the library. If that is the case, be ready to make some payments. 

2. Go to your Hall for CAUTION AND HALL CLEARANCE. You need clearance from your Hall even if you never used the hall throughout your undergraduate days. The following are the requirements for Hall clearance (anyway this is gotten from Indy Hall. It may apply to other Halls): All school fee Receipts( from 100L to final year), Room Clearance, One passport, School ID, off campus form-if there was any session you never stayed in the Hostel. Having met these requirements, you will be asked to proceed to MAINTANANCE for MAINTAINACE CLEARANCE. Maintenance clearance is very easy. Take your form from your Hall. they will just sign and have it stamped and you walk away.

3. JAJA CLERANCE is next on the list. This clearance is probably the easiest and fastest- less than 15minutes. Just walk into JaJa clinic and present your JAJA CARD. It will be stamped and signed almost immediately. If you misplaced or lost your card, sorry I don’t know the penalty. Can only hope you didn’t.
4. Next you want to check with the guys in the Alumni office for ALUMNI CLEARANCE. Here money is involved. First, walk into either MAINSTREET Bank or First Bank in front of U.I gate and pay one thousand naira(N1000) in to U.I Alumi account. Don’t worry about the account number, you will find it pasted on the board inside the bank. After that, you’ll have to visit the Alumni website to fill a form- just go click on Forum, you will see the form to fill your data. After completing the online form, print it and take it with you including the teller given to you at the bank to the Alumni office opposite queens Hall. Here you will be issued a receive and a magazine.

PLS take note: ‘washing’ your new status as a fresh graduate is like a tradition everywhere including the University of Ibadan. So be sure to take some additional cash with you to ‘wash’ your graduation while you get on with the whole clearance thing. Don’t say I didn’t tell u.

5. Next up, you must be cleared by your department i.e the DEPARTMENTAL CLERANCE. Get to your Department, they will tell you what to do. For me it wasn’t that difficult. You are going to need this clearance for the subsequent clearance below.

6. SPORTS CLERANCE: this clearance is also easy and quick, provided you have their requirements. They requirements are School ID, Hall clearance, Alumni clearance and Library clearance. Get to the sports office which is besides faculty of Education, on your way to social sciences when you are coming from KDL.

7. FACULTY CLEARANCE: this clearance didn’t take more than 30minutes for me. Just get the requirements correct which includes Departmental clearance, sports clearance, KDL Clearance, Alumni and Hall clearance I guess. Off course you do this clearance at your faculty office.

8. Up next, walk to student affairs (room 14)at the back of Admin for LODGINS CLEARANCE . almost all the above clearance will be shown here. It is quick too. Student Affairs office is where you will do your final clearance but before that go to Bursar office for the next clearance.

9. BURSAR CLEARANCE: their requirements are as follows: jaja clearance with a passport photograph, graduation Receipt, Alumni receipt, hall and maintainance clearance, sport clearance, All school fee Receipts, Faculty and departmental clearance, lodgins clearance, library clearance, photocopy of statement of result( get to examination office at the back of admin for this- they will tell you what to do).
NOTE: two photocopy of your personal copy of statement of result not the sponsor’s copy.this is just about the most stressful and slowest clearance. Takes a minimum of two days to complete.

10. Hopefully the last but not the least clearance: STUDENT AFFAIRS DIVISION CLEARANCE. Requirements: Bursar clearance, graduation receipt, Jaja clearance, Alumni clearance, sports clearance, caution and hall clearance, Library Clearance, school fee receipt from 100L to finals, department clearance, Faculty Clearance, Lodgins Clearance. ( pls note: All these documents must be original) , 2 photocopy of statement of result.I hope this is helpful.



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