Nigerian 10 Best Educational Website Blogs


 Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs

       Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs – today on Bmasterz ,we have decided to share with blog readers outcome of research we made on top 10 edu sites

 Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs
 Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs
       Apparently, you have not taken a glass of water today.Why not quickly digest a glass of water before we dive deep into this discussion. As a matter of fact, these websites we are about to discuss has posed  to be the best among over hundreds of thousands of educational blogs in Nigeria.Blogs and websites that talk about admission in Nigeria, job opportunities, Jamb updates,post utme updates, Universities, polytechnics and news on colleges of education.
        Moreover, there are sites that may have been added to the Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs we are about to talk about, but regrettably , these sites wont stop at anything than keeping higher. What if we had decided to make it top 20 educational sites in Nigeria ? Apparently, that would have been a bit boring and will really take you a day off your job to read through.
       Alright, its time to get started…. Just keep reading
Here Are The  Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs

1. : As you have expected, Myschool remains the best educational resource in Nigeria for students. This website has alexa global ranking of  approximately 23,000 with Nigerian ranking of 144 . It has over 219 other quality websites linking to it . It receives a daily pageview of approximately 333,000 and a yearly pageview of approximately 120,000,000 . If the owner decides to sell out the site, it can be sold at approximately $1,560,000 . My school brings news on Jamb , Post Utme, Waec, neco, Scholarship, Study abroad , etc. It remains the best educational website in Nigeria.Recently, they announced that they would soon change their domain name to and add new features . Read here
2. : It baffles me that this site made it this far under just 2 years. This site talks about job opportunities, recruitment in Nigeria, university, Polytechnic and College of education. It also brings info on things it thinks audience would love to read. For instance, apart from their major focus, I have seen Currentschoolnews blogging about DSTV subscription, MMM, and even talked about free browsing cheats. They basically talk about what youths would love to read , apart from major focus. The site has alexa global ranking of 32,000 and a Nigeria ranking of 225, which placed it 2nd most important educational blog in Nigeria. Its daily pageview is approx. 269,000 while yearly pageview is 97,000,000 . If they decide to sell the site, it is worth $1,194,000 . It has 159 quality backlinks
3. : Myschoolgist comes 3rd on the list with alexa global ranking of 46,000 and Nigerian ranking of 202 . This is a slight difference from Currentschoolnews.It has estimated pageviews of 41,000 per day and 15,000,000 every year. Myschoolgist talks about issues similar to The recent change of domain extension from to .com affected Myschoolgist but they are getting back on their stand, which may probably take over 2nd position in no distant time. Currently, this website is worth $40,000.This site has 29 quality backlinks
4. : This website is hosted under blogger and believe me , it it performing better than most wordpress sites. It is very resource. I would say, more resourceful than even Currentschoolnews and Myschoolgist , only that they have come to rank better than it, because of the platform upon which it is hosted.Even as a blogger hosted website, Martinslibrary has alexa global ranking of 53,000 and Nigerian ranking of 593, placing it the 4th best educational site in Nigeria.Martinslibrary talks about books, project topics,Journals, I.T reports,Feasibility study,Business plan,Academic proposals, etc . It also talks about scholarships, university updates.It is variety personified. If they decide to sell out the site today, it is worth $23,000 . This site receives daily pageviews of 24,000 and yearly pageviews of 8,000,000. It also has 125 quality backlinks and receives major visitors from Nigeria, India,USA,Ghana.
5. : This site blogs about Nigerian universities, jamb etc. It has alexa global ranking of 84,000 and Nigerian ranking of 558 , placing it on 5th best educational sites in Nigeria for students.This website generates approximately 50,000 pageviews daily and 18,000,000 pageviews yearly. Its worth of web is $48,000. I It has 62 quality backlinks 
6. : This website blogs about past questions to all exams, examples, waec, neco, jamb cbt, post utme tec. They are blog about timetables. It is placed on alexa global ranking of 84,000 and Nigeria ranking of  939 . It has 24,000 pageviews daily and 8,700,000 pageviews yearly . It has estimated web worth of $23,000. It has 51 quality backlinks
7. : This is one of the best students website in Nigeria that you can absolutely rely on verified information when it comes to admission updates. They are worth this position. Nigerianscholars puts scholarships, admission updates and lots more in the lime light, breaking odds to become 7th best reliable education websites for Nigerian students. This website has alexa global ranking of 101,703 and Nigerian ranking of 771 . It has traffics also from USA, apart from Nigerian traffic is commands.It has 36 quality backlinks. Nigerianscholars has daily pageviews estimated at 48,000 and 17,400,000 yearly pageviews.This website is barely 2 years old and pulling the education niche in Nigerian blogging. This site’s web worth is $46,600
8. : Daily School News generates 17,000 daily pageviews with 6,450,000 yearly pageviews. this site talks about news from universities, colleges and polytechnics mostly. It has alexa global ranking of 128,143 and Nigerian ranking of 1213 , placing it 8th most preferred educational blogs in Nigeria. It has 46 quality backlinks and has estimated web worth of 16,700.It is a very resourceful website for candidates seeking admission into universities.
9. : This is a very nice educational site in Nigeria that commands 6400 pageviews daily and 2,300,000 pageviews yearly. If they decide to sell out this site, it is estimated to worth $5,850 .It has alexa global ranking of 214,00 and Nigerian ranking of 2790.It has major traffics from Nigeria and Ethiopia.It has 37 quality backlinks.If you are looking for a site where you can get information about Jamb results, this is a choice for you. The site is barely 2 years old but currently ranked top 10 best education websites out of hundreds of thousands of others.
10. : This website blogs about students social networks, university news , exams, etc. It has alexa global ranking of 226,369 and Nigerian ranking of 1642.It has 86 quality backlinks with daily pageviews of approx. 24,000 and yearly pageviews of 8,700,000. The site is currently 4 years old. It is almost similar to
Well, there are other websites that should have made it to the list but we cant skip mentioning them.
Some of them includes;
Also, here are the fast-rising Educational blogs in Nigeria that will take over the educational Niche anytime soon;
Having listed the above Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs , I know many of you are still skeptical about the outcome. Well, if you feel there is a site that shouldnt be in the list or a site that should be in the list, kindly drop your suggestion at the comment section.We will definitely review the site and make changes if need be. 
Note that we have chosen the above sites based on so many factors, but if you are making a suggestion, we only entertain sites that focus on Nigerian university education, scholarships,job opportunities, examinations, Jamb,waec,neco,gce,nabteb,post utme, polytechnics,College of education, study tips, past questions,timetables, application deadlines,etc. 
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Nigerian  10 Best Educational Website Blogs

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