NCS salary scale structure new – How Nigerian Customs Service Pays Their Employees


NCS salary scale structure new – How Nigerian Customs Service Pays Their Employees

NCS salary scale structure – It’s usually advisable to check the salary structure of any work you are applying for in Nigeria.This article is exclusive for those applying for work in Nigerian Customs Service

 Moreover, we shall in this article, be discussing about Nigerian Customs Service, NCS, Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure, How NCS Pays thier Workers in Nigeria, Graduate Salary Scale on Custom Service. See more details below;

NCS salary scale structure new

The Nigeria Customs Service ranks and salary has been much of debate for some time. Although, the new salary scale of Nigeria custom officers was increased some years ago along side the salaries for public servants by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2007.

Overview  : The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is an independent agency under the supervisory oversight of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance, responsible for the collection of customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts
The new salary structure for Para-military personnel is known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which sees an increase in basic salary and allowances for Nigerian customs officers and all Para-military organizations. This is different from the Nigerian army salary, Air force and the Navy.

NCS salary scale structure new – How Nigerian Customs Service Pays Their Employees

How Much Does A Nigerian Custom Service Worker Earn Per Year ?
1). The average salary of Nigerian customs service workers – N900,000 annually (N75,000 monthly).
2). The highest salary is received by the Controller-General of Customs, the second highest goes to the Deputy Controller Generals, and Assistant Controller Generals.
3). Customs Inspector salary is N29,779 per month (it is possible to earn extra N4,000 as a rent subsidy, if it is not provided by Nigerian government).
4). It was stated that salary grade level 07 is automatically moved to salary grade level 08, so this means that Nigeria customs officers salaries are growing.
However, not all members of staff in the service can benefit from the allowances of Nigerian customs. While some of these allowances are given to specific staff of the Nigerian custom services due to the kind of tasks and duties which attract these extra allowances, others are seen as general allowances that all officers are entitled to.
Many are attracted to the job, not by the salary itself but by the extra bonuses paid to the Customs officers. You need to know that if you work as a Nigeria custom service employee, you will get your basic allowance, but apart from this, you can get extra allowances. Keep reading to learn more about this.
Among the extra allowances provided for customs officer, are the following:
  • – Transport allowance ;
  • – Hazards allowance ;
  • – Plain-cloth allowance ;
  • – House Maintenance allowance ;
  • – Meal Subsidy allowance ;
  • – Torchlight allowance ;
  • – Furniture allowance ;
  • – Hardiness allowance ;
  • – General Services allowance ;
  • – Utility allowance .
The rent allowance isn’t usually given because majority of Nigeria customs service officers live in dwellings that has been provided by the government. If this is not the case, the government tends to seek accommodation for every Nigeria customs service officer.
Note This: The highest Nigerian custom rank which is the Comptroller-General of Customs is the highest paid in the customs service followed by the Deputy Comptroller Generals, the Assistant Comptroller Generals, in that order. Salaries is paid according to qualifications and ranks as graduates with B.Sc should earn more than an member of staff with O’level certificate.
Apart from the salaries received by the men and officers of the Nigeria Customs Service, there is also the practice of collecting illegal monies from individuals importing certain items into Nigeria. This practice has since been deemed illegal and guilty officers should be reported to the appropriate authorities.
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