Checkout How Your Car Dashboard Will Look Like In The Future



As we’ve always said, human beings will soon stop driving cars. Rather, it’s cars that will be driving human beings. Get ready to say goodbye to steering wheels, gear knobs, throttle and brake pedals. In fact our conventional dashboards will disappear as cars begin to go more autonomous on a daily basis. Read more about autonomous cars HERE..

The future digital dashboard is more of a single gigantic multi-media gallery with no buttons, no knobs as you can even input your commands without touching anything. This particular dash is called MIRi UX designed by Jason Kim. The MIRi UX will also serve as a video display for your movies, selecting music, whatsapping, facebooking etc.

This future dash is gradually making its way into our regular road cars as seen in the 2017 Porsche Panamera, Volvo XC90, Range Rover Velar etc. But it will probably take a few years before it becomes fully implemented as the date on the display screen says June 26, 2024.


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