Top Sites For Scholarships In US , Top 10 Sites For Searching For Scholarship In USA


Top Sites For Scholarships In US , Top 10 Sites For Searching For Scholarship In USA

 Sites for scholarship in US – If you’re hoping to fund some, or all, of your college career with scholarships, you’re in luck: There are billions of dollars in scholarship and grant money awarded each year.
Top Sites For Scholarships In US , Top 10 Sites For Searching For Scholarship In USA
Top Sites For Scholarships In US , Top 10 Sites For Searching For Scholarship In USA
You don’t need to be a valedictorian or football star to win scholarship money – there are scholarships for all types of students. But you do need to put some effort into your search.
“What I find is that the students who are most successful – they treat this almost like a mini job,” says Kim Stezala, author of “Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College.”

“They are looking at multiple sites. They are entering profiles on different sites. They’re assessing, ‘Is this a good match? Is there too much competition? Do I have a good chance of winning?’” , Do I have the qualifications ? How do I apply?? When do I apply? How do I get started ?
With a new semester upon us and our bank accounts drained from holiday shopping and much-needed nights out, scholarships of any amounts can certainly come in handy.
Stezala recommends picking just two sites to start, then expanding your search if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Well, here are  sites to choose from to get started. — along with one scholarship from each to get you started!
Zinch is a college students one-stop-shop for scholarships that are creative, easy and fun to apply for and win. To apply for scholarships via Zinch, you’ll have to create a username and profile that will help the site find scholarships that are specifically relevant to you! One of Zinch’s most popular awards is the Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship, where applicants must generate a 280-character essay (that’s only two tweets!) while vying for $1,000 of cold, hard cash.
Fastweb is another terrific, free resource where you’ll find thousands of scholarships at your fingertips. Not only does Fastweb offer a massive database of monetary awards, but it also features helpful career planning services and learning tools for its registered users! One of Fastweb’s most recently featured scholarships is the “Natural Disaster” PSA Video Contest, a $3,000 scholarship offered to creative undergrads with an eye for cinematography and knowledge of the consequences of natural disasters.
You know how you always seem to receive a new, complimentary gift after so many purchases at that favorite beauty counter of yours? ScholarshipPoints works the same way! Well, kind of. The site’s users rack up points through a rewards system, making them eligible for different scholarships according to how many points they have earned. Members can earn points through fun, day-to-day activities like reading blogs, taking quizzes and playing online games. ScholarshipPoints offers a rolling, monthly $1,000 for its members and a quarterly $10,000 scholarship . Join today and start earning your points!
You may remember being advised by your high school guidance counselor to make a Cappex account to help narrow down your college search, but don’t delete that online profile just yet! The site is still helpful during our undergrad years, offering ample scholarship opportunities and financial advice. Once we’re undergrads, Cappex graciously bumps us up to “College Pro” status, where we’ll be eligible to apply for a $2,500 College Pro exclusive scholarship! Don’t wait, and check out all of the fine print of the Cappex College Pro scholarship today.
A no-brainer of a URL, are we right? is a wonderful resource for college students who aspire to kill two birds with one stone—the site finds both scholarships and colleges that are perfect for you! If you’re looking to transfer to a school that is dying to recruit you and offer you scholarships, this is the site to visit. The site allows you to pinpoint specific scholarships by your major, year in school and location, increasing your chances for receiving awards and saving you tons of time. For meticulous proofreaders and aspiring editors, you may want to check out the Scholarship Program featured on! Although an essay is required, the $1,500 you could earn is definitely worth the time spent behind the keyboard.
6. Chegg is a textbook website that has a scholarship search function, offering more than 25,000 scholarships. The site also offers online tutors to help students with their scholarship essays.
“They’re definitely trying to stay on top of what’s new on the market in terms of scholarships,” Hartley says.
7.  JLV College Counseling: Jessica Velasco, a former admissions officer, started JLV College Counseling, which offers information on various scholarships. Velasco also posts scholarships every Saturday on her Facebook page with upcoming application deadlines. Via her blog, Velasco offers scholarship and college admissions tips and advice.
8. The College Board: The College Board’s comprehensive BigFuture site helps students look up information about colleges and how to pay for school. Its scholarships search engine provides information on more than $6 billion in scholarships, financial aid and internships.
9. On, students can gain a sense of each school’s “personality,” Hartley says, by reading student reviews. They can also search for scholarships. Niche pairs students with the scholarships that match their qualifications, with student-friendly categories like no-essay scholarships.
10. Your high school website: Don’t overlook your own high school’s website, which may have a list of local scholarships. These scholarships can have less competition than those posted to national databases, Matthews says.
Stezala adds that if your high school doesn’t have a list, you should check websites of other area high schools. “Some will post it publicly, and some won’t,” she says.
11. Community foundation website: Like your high school website, families should check local community foundations’ websites, which may also host a list of area scholarships.
“You have to look at what is available in your local community, which may not show up on these large national websites,” Stezala says, adding that there are lots of local scholarships from social organizations, like the Elks Lodge, or veterans groups such as the American Legion.
12. College websites where you’re applying: Although not all schools award merit-based scholarships, those that do are very valuable because they’ll likely renew all four years.
But the process for giving out scholarship money varies from school to school. You should also check the department of the major you’re considering, which may have its own scholarships and process for awarding them.
“Go to the college’s website, type in the word ‘scholarships’ and see what process the college will be using to give out their scholarship opportunities,” Hartley says.
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