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Now,let us analyse this.At the end,you should be able to place yourself where you belong.
   I was with a friend one day and we were talking on how people depreciate from their IQ level.Why is it possible and how come such thing exist?Instead of one going higher,you discover a sudden rapid depreciation.
   Then we came up with this mathematics.
    Let’s assume two friends, A and B has IQs of 80% and 40% respectively.
    From the data above,you discover that A is above average. Yeah,A must be a brainy one while B is below average.B must be somehow not smart.

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    Now,I was telling my friend that it is  better to always make friends with smart brains even if you are smart. He said no,it is better to make friends with dull brains when you ate smart so that you can help impact higher in them.I told him that in the course of making a friend when your IQ is higher,you are only bringing down your IQ to lower level.Yes you must do this in other for them to understand you. YOU MUST strike an equilibrium for things to move well. In other words,how do you strike an equilibrium?
    By decreasing your IQ to match their own.
   I bet you don’t understand this Now,let’s try solving this Mathematics:
   A had IQ 80% and B had 40%. How do you create an equilibrium between them?
       (A+B)/2 =Equilibrium.

Ie.  = 80 +40/2

This means that for A and B to understand each other,they must both be 60-60 .
  Who is losing??
   A or B???
   Definitely A is losing.
  A has decreased from 80% to 60%
While B increased from 40% to 60%.
A lost 20% IQ and B gained 20% IQ.

WRITTEN BY Henry Aniagor,

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