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i)Good Terrain:the terrain of the Area encourages agriculture.this lead to high concentration of population
ii)Climate:the average weather conditions of the Area in a given period of time is highly conducive which makes the area to be highly populated
iii) Fertile soil:there is present of rich fertile soil which is enriched by the animal flood.
iv) presence of water:water is basic necessity for several purpose including irrigation and domestic uses

i)there is presence of thick forest that makes agricultural mechanization impossible
ii)The humid, hot climate in the area is very hot
iii)There is presence of harmful bacteria that cause disease in the area
iv) there is presence of soil that is prone to erosion in the Amazon basin and it can not support agriculture.

i)provisions of fund for the development of basin
ii) construction of more road to hat the interior
iii) improvement in river in the basin
iv) industrialization especially lumbering                      


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i)Raw materials:industries must be located near the source of raw materials
ii)Availability of labour:industries are to be located where there are abundant labour supply
iii)Nearness to market:industries must be sited very close to market
iv)Power:industries must be sited where there will be constant supply of electricity
v)Good road network:the road network linking the market and the industry must be good

i)It help to improve standard of living
ii)It help to provide job opportunity
iii)it help to develop the infrastructure
v)it help in diversification of the economy

i)It helps to boast international trade
ii)It helps in capital formation
iii)it encourages the  development of science and technology
iv)It helps in stimulation of others sector
v)it helps to control inflation due to mass production

5a)map drawing(will be sent as image)


i)Tin in nigeria occurred in alluvial form,usually near the surface, open cast method of mining is used
ii)Big shovels are used to scoop the tin from alluvial beds
iii) Dragline machine is used to pile the tin ore. Monitor is then use to wash tin ore from sand and soil. The heavy tin and columbite will sink at the bottom of the sluice boxes while the dirts are washed away. Tin is then move to smelting factory. the tin ore is smelted into Tin ingot for export

i)it help in provisions of employment to the Nigerian’s
ii) It serve as means of revenue generation to the government
iii) minerals provide raw material to the manufacturing industries.
iv) It helps nigerian’s people to acquire skills
v)it improve the standard of living

6ai and ii) map drawing(will sent as image

Sokoto plain ===>limestone, gold
Child basin===>Crude oil and gas

i)Mining:it is due to presence of limestone and gold
ii)pastoral farming due to presence of grasses
iii)cultivation of crop like rice, groundnut and cotton
v) Rearing of animals

i)inadequate rainfall makes farming difficult
ii) high temperature results to drought
iii)problem of desert encroachment due to Nearness to Sahara desert
iv)inadequate rainfall makes living to be difficult                      

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