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verified 2017 waec practicals ~
verified 2017 waec practicals ~ specimens ~ expo ~ runs ~
Biology Specimens*
A- Winged termite
B- Maggot
C- Adult butterfly with open wings
D- Caterpillar
E- Grasshopper
F- Carrot with leaves attached
G- Irish potato
H- Adult mosquito
J- Adult cockroach
Group II
K- Euphorbia
L- Crab

M- Cat fish
N -Periwinkle in its shell
P- Shell of a land snail

Q- Housefly
R- Earthworm
S- Cross section of unripe mango fruit
T- Cross section of tomato fruit
NB: Specimen K,L,M,N,P are peculiar to candidates in Ghana only and should not be provided to for candidate in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia

Agricultural Science specimens
A: sandy soil
B: loamy soil
C: clayey soil
D: granite
E: NPK 15 : 15 (labelled)
F: wood ash (unsieved)
G: limestone (labelled)
H: cow dung
I: wheelbarraw
J; file
K: palm oil
L: cotton lint
M: liverfluke
N: tick
O: feather
P: apid (live/preserved,diagram,photograph)
Q: cowpea seeds
R: coconut fruit
S: tridax
T: chicken
U: tilapia fish
Chemistry specimen.
A. One burrete of 50cm³ capacity
B. One pipette, either 20cm³ or 25cm³. All candidate at one center must use pipettes of the same volume. These should be clean and free from grease
C. The usual apparatus for titration
D. The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including the following with all reagents appropriately labelled
I) red and blue litmus paper
Ii) aqueous ammonia
Iii) dilute hydrochloric acid
Iv) dilute sodium hydroxide solution
V) barium chloride solution
Vi) dilute trioxinitrate (V) acid
Vii) silver trioxonitrate (V) solution
Viii) lime water
[ verified 2017 waec practicals ] ~
E. Glass rod
F. Filtration apparatus
G. Spatula
H. Two boiling tubes
I. Four test tubes
J. Methyl orange indicator
K. Wash bottle containing distilled/deionized water
L. Mathematical table/calculator..
Two Retort stand;
Two metre rule;
Pieces of thread;
Stop watch.
Beaker(0 – 500cm^3);
Measuring cylinder(250cm^3);
Thermometer(0 – 200°C);
Tripod stand with wire gauze;
Bunsen burner/ source of heart;
Stop watch/clock;
Table salt/common salt 50g
Note:The table salt should be available in 10g × 5 places for each candidate. Otherwise, am electronic balance should be provided
Two dry cells of 1.5v each;
Plug key;
Ammeter(0 – 5v A);
Voltmeter(0 – 5 v) ;
Small bulb(Torch light);
Ten connecting wire.


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