Voici Top 10 Most Socialized nd Hangout Place in University of Ibadan Campus


These are the Top 10 Most Popular Hangouts In The University Of Ibadan that you many not even know 

The first on my list is:

1. Westside:

It is located in Zik hall j . This is the home of them Bob Marley and Fela wanna- bes. . The irony with Westsiders is that they are usually cool and calm and not ruffians or thugs that people expect them to be.
Ps: some ajebutters/ big boys are also Westsiders.

2. Abe Igi:

As the name implies, it is an open space at Abadina with a couple of trees (hahaha dumbest description ever). The setting is a little bit local as they make use of benches instead of plastic chairs and tables. It is a good chilling spot for them night crawlers (awon ti x-men) and jaiye jaiye people.

Beer is sold at very cheap prices and one cannot ignore the delicious peppered meat that Aunty Bidemi prepares herself. As an economist, I would say this place is the best chilling spot for any student that thinks optimally because maximum satisfaction is derived at the lowest possible cost.

One awesome thing about this place is that they open for more than 15 hours everyday.
Also, a nigga cannot ignore the babes in their night clothings that are always lurking around Abadina at night.
Ps: even though the place sounds/looks razz/ common/local, the biggest boys in UI are regulars there (…Let me not start mentioning names).

 3. Benue road and Surroundings: These areas are where rich kids, big girls, big boys, fresh boys, and the most popular students in UI live. They are like the Beverly Hills and co. of UI (not sure if this makes sense).
The boys in these areas date/ straff the hottest girls on campus courtesy of their exotic cars and rich status. The BQs are mini hotels and a lot of vices take place here like smoking, drinking, gambling, gang-banging,… (some of you are under 18 so I will stop there). They are also home to parties like birthday parties, club pre-parties, hangover nights and codeine parties.
Ps: anybody that is somebody hangs out in these areas once in a while.

4. Spices: This is perhaps the most popular hangout in UI. It is the Behind/posh version of Abe- Igi. Apart from beer and cigarettes, they also sell chicken and chips, pork, shawarma (can’t remember now), yoghurt (for non-alcoholics). Customers are also entertained with good music and live band performance every Fridays. It is a good spot for girls’ night-out. I remember one particular occasion when I went there (for project research), I saw a group of 4 to 5 girls who were balling hard, infact, their table was the most exotic even with the large crowd present that day. It is also a good free viewing centre for them Champions league lovers. However they don’t open during the daytime. Lately, it has become a business spot for them UI runs girls (popularly called Oloshos…no be give them name o).
Ps: one final twist is that it is used as a Church venue on Sundays.

5. St James: It is otherwise known as Compton by some set of uites. It is the home of them ‘so- called hard guys (who in reality are over-spoilt kids that think smoking weed makes them cool)’. The inhabitants of this hostel are mostly ajebutters forming bad boys (*shots fired* ghen ghen *lol*). The place is an unofficial brothel and has recorded more sex escapades than Sodom and Gommora put together (yes I know my Bible) .

Ps: the proxity of St annes to this hostel makes St annes girls the easiest preys for these boys.

6. Back of U&I: This place is a classic make-out spot in UI. During the daytime, it is just the back of U & I, but at night, that place becomes something else. It performs magic; as a guy even if you go there with a good girl just to talk, it will only take the physical intervention of an angel to stop you guys from making out (hmmm somebody is getting ideas yh?
Ps: It has also recorded several break-ups (oops yours’ happened there…sorry).

7. James’ Indomie Joint: It is located in Indy hall. Unarguably the most delicious indomie as well as chicken and chips are sold there, little wonder why it is usually over-crowded at night. This is where most boys and girls eat their dinner. It is also where boys waste their money on girls who won’t eventually agree to date them or make out with them (sadly enough, I have been a victim…just like YOU). 
All calibre of people patronize this joint as it makes provisions for even the brokest people. There is usually a long wait before one gets /his dinner almost every night except one goes very late, which is not advisable before by that time, fresh chips will not be available plus the ketchup would be so cold and bland in the mouth.
Ps: UI club boys and yahoo boys are major customers; this is why the joint is usually decorated with exotic cars at night. It makes you think you are outside a night club.

8. Front of Queens Hall:

It is no longer news that that the biggest, prettiest, hottest and most popular girls in UI live in Queens hall. This is why that place is always over-crowded at night with boys (majorly from Kuti, Tedder and Mellanby) that visit just like the devil seeking for beautiful girls to devour *lol* Ps: Sugar daddies also visit this place as some of these girls are into the aristo business (I’m not calling them prostitutes o, I know man gat to survive and nobody holy pass).

9. Love Garden:

This is the perfect hangout for lovebirds. It is patronized majorly by romantic couples and of course people that use the place as a venue for all sort of meetings.
Ps: most times, the most that happens between a couple is cuddling but on very few occasions people make out .

10. VHF:

Yes you read right VHF. I’m sure you all are wondering how a student fellowship made this list; well this fellowship easily has the highest number of fine girls in UI as members.

Many boys go there to scout for babes; they hardly listen to sermons. It has become an unorthodox hangout for them Fishers of babes.


Ps: this observation does not change the fact that VHF is one of the best christian students fellowship on campus Other worthy hangouts that didn’t make the top 10 include:

• Tantalizers/ SU Building
• NISER Park
• Conference Centre
• SUB Swimming Pool
• Kounty Kitchen
• UI Zoo

Written by Lacisito. 

Free to add yours nd and share your experience in this cool Hangout Spot.


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