Crises Erupts in Ibadan Poly Consequential to the Detainment of The Su President and 8 Other Executives 


The Students Union president of The Polytechnic Ibadan was detained along side with 8 members of his Executive at the police Headquarters Eleyele in Ibadan Oyo state. 

The students Union held that some of their students where arrested by men of the Police force 8/02/2017. The students union president held and went to the station went to asked why the students were arrested and on getting there the police said they thought they are Yahoo boys and they said they couldn’t find any evidence so the 2 boys were released. Meanwhile, as they were leaving the station the, one of the trigger happy policeman cock his gun at the studebts union president and the students had to ask him if he wants to shoot and the trigger police man consider the question as an insult and slapped the person that asked the question. Immediately the students union executives were beaten up and was arrested and presently as I am filing these report was they have been locked in criminal cell including the females among them. 

Let’s start to demand the immediate released of the union excos and demand for the resignation of the Police Commissioner of Oyo state.

Aluta continua. ………!!

Victoria Ascerta. …………!!!

N/B : Sequel to the unlawful arrest and detainment of SUG excos by the policemen at Eleyele, students are enjoyed to converge at the SUG BUILDING  11/2/2017 by 5a.m…

Injustice to one is an injustice to all.


Reporting from Bmasterz, 


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