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                  For me to you

After all said and done
The make up
The break up
The plans, the wishes and bountifulness
In the blink of an eye
A simple good thought
We had it all crumbled

It is not you
It is not me
Its just it
After all we weren’t met to be together
So farewell well said
And I take my leave
A spot still there
The heart throb the heartbreak
What are we suppose to do now
We saw it coming
We didn’t pay so much attention to it
We , us felt it doesn’t matter
That was what brought us crashing here on our knees
Now, wondering how on earth did it happen! 
It happened to us you see
It happened

             Help you

Am sad
I don’t know why
My head hurts 
That’s not why I cry
The thing is I try to find joy
In all
Everything mess with me like a toy 
That why must times I think I need a baby boy
Or a girl am not picky
Only want to be lucky
With so much luck I should be happy
You see am not ready
Lot of things to get tidy
Everyone deserves to be happy
If I cannot get what makes happy
I will rely on my self and make me happy
Self you ve got no one but you
Help the you to find serenity
To keep sanity
You need not pity
Do you fulfil
Keep at it 
Nothing can stop you 
Except you
For it to happen it has to be you
You must be involved 
So you talk to self 
You are all self got 
To give self gut 
To keep strong
No matter how painful it is
Self be you

            What are friends for

Same thing that comes to mind
‘Em cannot explain but I will try
Obviously the one who fit
Others wish they could defeat
Still the thing now is how it came to be

Others be like I was there first
Biko! Who cares
Sorry ’em took their place
Now let me be
So I can rest my rest to be in peace
Is it your friendship? 

Is that exactly how it suppose to be?
The way it is?
So lucky we made it
Now I can’t let be
Let alone to leave

So friends mi you see
It is part of you
But just new
Let make life easy and not divide in part

Wonderful as ever
‘Em could let go never
See in what ever will never let go never
Peepz say it would not last forever
‘Em tell ‘Em whatever
How could they think of that wherever ?

Still strong
Though it seems wrong
That’s not all
Smiles can never be conquered
It was not how it was defeated
Emotions got it all treated
Now the pen cries no more
Guess for now that’s all

Cries the laughter of joy
Not a fool
Just that I got your back
When no need shelters
‘Em prays it does not scatter
Just the first chapter

That just the way it is
More clamour we could see
‘Em still not deceived
Let just for now let them be
Till the journey across the sea.

    About the Author 

Ireti Falaiye is a 200L student of Department of European Studies, German Unit in University of Ibadan; She is a poet and has passion for writing. 



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