UNILAG Data Capture Schedule for 100 Level & Direct Entry Students 2016/2017


The management of University of Lagos has released the Schedule of data capture for 100 level & direct entry students only (2016/2017 session).

Date: Monday 30th January 2017 – Saturday 18th February 2017
Time: 9am – 3pm daily
Venue: CITS Seminar Room
NOTE: Each student to bring along their Admission Letter and Registration form for identification


1.Monday 30thJanuary 2017ARTS100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM2.Tuesday 31stJanuary 2017ARTS100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM3.Wednesday 1stFebruary 2017BUSINESS ADMIN100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM4Thursday 2ndFebruary 2017BUSINESS ADMIN100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM5Friday 3rdFebruary 2017EDUCATION100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM6Saturday 4thFebruary 2017EDUCATION100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM7Monday 6,hFebruary 2017ENGINEERING100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM8Tuesday 7thFebruary 2017ENGINEERING100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM9Wednesday 8thFebruary 2017ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM10Thursday 9thFebruary 2017ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM11Friday 10thFebruary 2017LAW100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM12Saturday 11thFebruary 2017COLLEGE OF MEDICINE100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM13Monday 13thFebruary 2017COLLEGE OF MEDICINE100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM14Tuesday 14thFebruary 2017PHARMACY100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM15Wednesday 15thFebruary 2017SCIENCE100&D.E.9:00AM 

-3:00PM16Thursday 16thFebruary 2017SCIENCE100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM17Friday 17thFebruary 2017SOCIAL SCIENCE100&D.E.9:00AM -3:00PM18Saturday 18thFebruary 2017S


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