SHE STABBED ME by Samuel Mathew Edache #bleedingPen


Drenched in pool of blood
My vision was blurred
Heart numbed to pain
It rustled with surge of dissatisfaction in vain

Tears seeped through my beaming eyes
Radiating in imaginary ices

She stabbed me 
Heart overwhelmed with emotional power keg
Void of demotion and commotion
My sacred garment tattered 

She drowned my love in mud
A wave of regret and frustration

She stabbed my soul with sparkled of kiss
My sore torn and left with no mender of soul
Suicidal feelings,fear griped my toe
In pain cold,affections not untold

She traded my feelings for peanuts
My heart was too soft to offer nuts
Affection sacrificed on temple of desolation

She murdered me in vulnerable attire
Drowned my emotions in mire
Pain in my heart
Stocked on my head like a hat

Word piercing and rustling like thunderstorms
My heart bled

Weave me love
I’m drunk in milquetoast affections
Brevity is the soul of love
Yet love has no sore

Stealthily she stole my heart
Emotion relics like volcanic eruption in cart
Lifeless body bore to cemetery in joyous elegy
Folks sing melodious dirge

She stabbed my back in dark
Back is bad on black
Dark on black with back is absolutely bad
For love i die to live in love

Long walk to love from pain
That i may gain
Faintly surge of affection vain

*DEDICATED:* _TO everyone who has been heartbroken and bugged down in pain of love. Without love there’s no pain and without pain love is in vain._

_Bleeding pen_,
_Poetic pen_


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