Application into Nigerian Defence Academy for 2017 Is Now Available.see how to apply



This post contains the link to the official Nigerian Defence Academy Portal ( and a description of how to register and fill the Nigerian Defence Academy form  2016/2017.

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) at Kaduna is the only Military University in Nigeria,  Training and recruitment of Nigerians into the army is done in the Nigerian Defence Academy. As the only military university, it is one of the most sought after universities in the country. Many are in search of the official website of the Nigerian Defence Academy Portal.

If you are seeking to visit the NDA portal, either for admission purpose or for information sake, then here is the link to the Nigerian Defence Academy official portal here
Nigerian Defence Academy Official Portal is
To Apply for admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy, you must meet some criteria as enlisted by the Nigerian Defence Academy and it is also published on their portal.
Features and Navigations on The Nigerian Defence Academy Portal
The Nigerian Defence Academy Portal has four major navigations that will enable you tour the website very well:
  1. HOME PAGE: the home button has a drop down that shows links to
About the Academy, Community, Departments and Units
  • Cadet Programmes
  • Directorate of Military Training
  • Cadets Brigade
  • Cadet Life
3. ACADEMIC BRANCH: The academic branch has links to the following on the website:
    • Faculties
    • Academy Library
    • Academy Registry
    • Academy Provost
  • Postgraduate School
  • Centres of Excellence
4. News and Events: This is where the latest news about Nigerian Defence Academy is published alongside photos to speak in the language which words cannot portray.
  • Calender of Events
  • NDA Photo Album
5. The last but not the least is the LOGIN button found at the extreme right of the tab sections which gives users access to the portal.
The Application Portal for screening and admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy is
We also wish to inform you that the Nigerian Defence Academy Form for 2017 is out and you can now submit your details for the 2017 admission process.


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