Aggrieved UNIPORT aspirant laments over the candidate who got 181 in JAMB and was offered admission into medicine

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The corruption in Nigeria universities is getting beyond control, please spread this news. The girl in question got admitted in the recently released UNIPORT Supplementary List for 2016/2017.

She made a JAMB score of 181 and was offered admission to study medicine and surgery(MBBS) at UNIPORT. But we all know that those with 272, 274 and other high JAMB scores were not given admission for the same course.

Please this is pure corruption, those who applied for MBBS will know better. It is very painful!

P.S We confirmed the above assertion based on the evidence provided by the originator of this post.

We actually confirmed the girl’s score and the fact that she was admitted on the released supplementary admission list.

However, we deemed it improper to present the girl’s details online without her consent.



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