2017 JAMB Exam tips: How to finish exam in time and still have enough time left

What Do You Think?

Great performances are always preceded by great preparation which often takes time. More so, different exams will usually require different preparation times, i.e. more time for tough or important exams, and less time for easy ones. Whatever the case may be, preparation takes time.
So don’t put yourself in a situation where you can only afford a shabby preparation because you started preparing late—and don’t expect to get more than what you prepared for. Also, it’s unwise to start preparing too early when you ought to be studying for knowledge instead.

So What Should You Do?

1. Consciously make out time to study. There will never be enough time for it; you will have to create the time. It may vary from a few minutes, to hours, to weeks or to a few months. Resist the urge to procrastinate. Once you’ve set your goals, preparation starts immediately.

2. Decide how much time you need to prepare for each exam. There’s no ‘best time’ for all exams; it depends on your capacity and on the exam you’re taking. For instance, if you’re better in English than in Math, then Math should require more study time. Don’t make the mistake of studying them equally.
3. If you are busy and don’t have so much time to spare, then use whatever time you have. Preparation doesn’t take all your time; it only takes some of your time and it will most certainly determine whether you’ll move on to the next level or remain where you are right now

A Practical Instance
There was a classmate of mine who was quite notorious for often going to the university library. In fact, he was fondly regarded as the guy who lives in the library and squats in his room. At some point, people began thinking he was trying to show off, or trying to give the impression that he studied more than others.
So one day I curiously asked him why he spends so much time in the library. His answer was simply remarkable and almost moved me to tears, greatly increasing my respect for him.
He said, “GB, I know myself. I’m not like most people who understand things very fast. I usually understand slowly, so I need to give myself enough time to prepare. That’s why I often go to the library, not for any other reason.
Well, do you think that paid off for him? Sure it did! He performed very well in every exam we did and also graduated as one of the tops in class—above most of the others who he thought understood faster then he did.
Moreover, his learning pace also increased significantly over time. So give yourself enough time to prepare: you’ll be doing you a very big favor.

source: exam tips


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