My birthday inspiration to you all readers


So in the very first place, I would want to appreciate God, my maker for blessing me uptill this day.Your grace is immeasurable
    Quickly, I would want to appreciate my family,especially my mum,who moulded and transformed me, she instilled moral perfection not just in me, but my entire siblings.We are many,though its a nuclear family,yet this same woman was able to keep us together till this moment ever since I lost my dad on December 12th, 2007.
     To my high school and post-secondary school teachers, I reserve my comments,most especially my high school teachers;-everyone of them takes me as very promising even though I know I lacked the qualities.This people gave me the real name that I have today,which distinguished me and kept me as a triton among the minnows, by the level of exposure ,opportunities and leadership pedestals they made me enjoy.I never knew it all mattered until now.

     To my very close friends, especially those who hated me because they are jealous of my success.I understand that you never hated me because you hate me,I understand that it is because you envy my success which made me kept on aspiring for greater heights.Merci beaucoup !
     I can’t pretend that I have no idea that some regard me as a mentor.That would be rather sheer cowardly. I preserve this moment to thank you guys in a special way, for admiring me and looking upto me as a role model. The fierce instincts had made me kept on doing better as not to let you people down.
        I made promises to myself and my happiness today is that I worked inline with these promises.By the grace of God, my future is working alongside my plans.Iam grateful to God once again, for a shambolic hitch-free future that is rather not bleak.
     May I borrow this lane to drop an inspiration;
    Do not give up! Believe strongly in yourself.You are the owner of this body and as such, the only person who has supreme authority over it is God.Be yourself and even though you think people are mocking you, do not relent until you have achieved your dreams.Passionate dreams takes a very long time and hard work to achieve.There is no need rushing things.Stick to your integrity.This is the only shortcut to success.
     I may not be worthy to inspire, but life has thought me alot.Only me knows how much I suffered to get to my present self.You must not be rich for you to know that your dreams are working.If you can depend on yourself to do many things that you used to seek assistance for, you are surely on the success lane.

    So,to you all who are not celebrating your birthdays today, I pray that you shall live healthy to see your next birthday.
     Thank you Jesus for gifting me the opportunity to be living my dreams so early.
       Happy birthday to me!!


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