Apply for 2017/2018 University of East Anglia Undergraduate Scholarship


This is to inform the general public,students seeking for a study abriad scholarship, that the University of East Anglia,England UK is pleased to offer the following scholarships to undergraduate students wishing to study at UEA. 

* Application Deadline: All applications must be submitted before 1st June, 2017
* The scholarship is offered annually
* Eligible Countries: All International countries are eligible

* Eligible Field of Study: All courses offered in the school.
* Scholarship overview : Each year, the University of East Anglia in UK awards over £1,000,000 of scholarships to support international students in their studies. The scholarship awards are made available by individual Schools of Study in the University. All international students (outside the European Union) are considered for a scholarship of between 10% and 50% of tuition fees. 
* The scheme for 2017/2018 consists of Two prizes to be awarded to 50 students:
Vice Chancellor’s Prizes
International UG Prizes
Type: Undergraduate
* Eligibility and Criteria: To be eligible for these scholarships candidate must:

1.Be classified as an international (usually non-EU resident) applicant for fees purposes.  See our fees and funding page if you are unsure of your fee status.
2. Hold a conditional or unconditional offer for year 1 of an undergraduate degree course starting at UEA in September 2017.
3. Be independently funding your studies – i.e. students fully sponsored by organisations for their tuition fees are not eligible to apply (Students applying for or expecting to receive government loans are eligible to apply).
4. Applicants to courses in Norwich Medical School are not eligible to apply.

* Number of spaces: 50

* Value of Scholarship

Vice Chancellor’s Prizes: 50% of tuition fee
International UG Prizes: 25% of tuition fee
Duration of Scholarship: Complete duration of studies

*How to Apply: Once you have an offer of a place from the University, please apply using the application form below.

You will then be assessed for all scholarships for which you are eligible. Please do not apply if you do not have a conditional or unconditional offer from us.


Scholarship Application Form

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

* Who sponsors the scholarship: University of East Anglia, UK

* Notes: It is important to make an application as early as possible because they are considered as they are received. So apply early to make sure of the best chance of success.

* Before applying, go through the following terms and conditions;

1. Applicants must hold either a ‘conditional’ or ‘unconditional’ offer on an undergraduate degree course at UEA at the time of scholarship application.

2. Applicants who are successful must accept the offer of scholarship by ‘firmly’ accepting the UEA unconditional or conditional academic course offer and if they had selected UEA as their ‘insurance’ choice, they will have their scholarships withdrawn.

3. Award shall be made as a tuition fee scholarship by means of a fee discount. No cheque or payment shall be made direct to the student. 

4. the scholarship applies to Overseas fee payers. If the fee status changes during their course from Overseas to Home/EU Fees the scholarship shall be discontinued.

5.students of the Norwich Medical School are not be eligible to apply for International Undergraduate Scholarship Awards.

6. scholarship is for September 2017 entry only.if you defer the offer to 2018,you shall forfeit it.

7. scholarship holders shall complete their academic course of study.

8. scholarship holders remain liable for paying any remaining tuition fees to UEA.

9. scholarship holders endeavour to attend the annual international scholarship awardees event and undertake to write at least one student testimonial whilst studying at UEA, and they agree 

10.that their testimonial and photograph can be used in publicity material.

11.That recipients complete a UEA new students’ survey.
The scholarship awarded will be exclusive and students cannot be awarded it in conjunction with another UEA award. Where applicants are offered a scholarship, and already hold another UEA award, the scholarship worth the greater financial sum will be awarded only.

12.That students sponsored for full tuition fees by an outside body or government organisation will not be eligible for this scholarship. However students applying for, or expecting to receive, government loans are eligible to apply

13.That the scholarship is offered for a specified course; there is no guarantee that the scholarship will be transferred to an alternative course.

14.The scholarship offer holder must meet all remaining conditions for entry to the University.

15.If your scholarship includes a year abroad or a year in industry where you may pay reduced tuition fees for that year, your scholarship award will be lowered to be proportional to those lower tuition fees for that year. 



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