Apply For 2018 Scholarship For Undergraduates And Masters At Monash University , Australia.



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     2018 Scholarship For Undergraduates And Masters At Monash University , Australia.
     2018 Scholarship For Undergraduates And Masters At Monash University , Australia.

  1.        Monash University, Australia is offering undergraduate  and Masters scholarship to  international students, who wish to study at Monash University for 2018/2019 academic session.
  3. Brief description : Monash University, Australia scholarship is now open for undergraduate and Masters students who want to study at Monash University for 2017/2018 academic session.

  4. Eligibility and criteria:
  6. * Applicant must be an international student
  7. * Must have applied and offered admission study at Monash University for both undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants
  8. * Must have a demonstrated academic achievement
  9. * Must present a 500-word essay stating your potentials to become a Monash university ambassador
  10. * Candidates enrolling for the bachelor of medical science and doctor of medicine and Master of business administration are not eligible
  11. * Students in Monash pathway programmes are not eligible
  12. * Transfer students are not eligible
  13. * Students studying Australian year 2 are not eligible
  15. Benefits: To cover 100% tuition fee excluding OSHC, accommodation and living cost.
  16. Duration: Number of years specified for the course as long as 70%  distinction is maintained.
  18.     Application deadlines:-
  19.  * All applications must be submitted before ; 
  20. * Round 1- 15th October
  21. * Round 2- 15th November
  22. * Round 3- 15 January
  23. * Round 4- 15th March
  24. * Round 5- 15th April
  25. * Round 6 -12th June
  26.   Scholarship worth– Not specified
  28.  Eligible countries– All (overseas)  countries are eligible
  29. Scholarship offered since: not specified
  30. Type of scholarship: Undergraduate and Masters Scholarship programme.
  31. Number of scholarship spaces: 4  scholarships is  available to both international applicant for undergraduate or masters programme.
  32. Eligible Field of study: All courses offered at Monash University, Australia except courses listed in eligibility and criteria.
  34.     To apply for the Monash University International Undergraduate and Masters scholarship, submit separate application form 
  35. Important link
  36. Everything you need to know is on the scholarship webpage

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  1.                        FAQ ;

  1. Who sponsors this Scholarship? :
  3.   Monash University international undergraduate and masters scholarship is sponsored by Monash university.
  4. Can you tell me more about this Scholarship?
  5.     Monash University offers a range of scholarships to international candidates who which to take an undergraduate or masters programme at Monash university.
  6.      The name of the scholarship is  Monash International Leadership Scholarship
For enquiries about Monash University, Australia international undergraduate and master’s scholarship, visit the school’s  official website

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