As I just left the bank,I hurriedly stopped a campus shuttle knowing its usually small and can contain a few number.My gesture was that there would be few pick-and-drop as we drive along.I was in a haste to meet up with activities that kept calling on my urgent attention at the Awka capital.
    Disappointedly,as I entered the shuttle,I discovered that not even a single person other than the driver was in.What could I had done?Possibly ask the driver who had waited over few minutes to pick me as I was looking frantically left and right to ensure no oncoming vehicle was close before I could cross the road to enter the bus.Well,I had to patiently wait so that I
dont change the drivers mood,to prevent him from furiously speeding off which is subject to accident.
      Hahaha,you wont believe what hapened as we were patiently waiting for another lady who later stopped the same shuttle,she wasted almost 15 minutes trying to cross the road.Before she did,another passenger who had entered earlier on,who was also in a haste had to come down and help her cross the road.When she came,she told the driver that the money with her is not complete.She was supposed to pay N60 to Amawbia but she said she only have N20 with her.We were all like,you are not even with transport fare and you had to waste us such time.
Then,one thing surprised me.As the passengers were busy saying upleasant stuffs,the driver quietly asked the lady to enter the bus.I was like,if all the drivers should be humble and  understanding like this man,Nigeria will definitely be okay.
     Also,if people would learn to be sincere like this lady who had to explain her predicaments before entering the bus to cause commotion at the point of dropping,there will be peace.


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