I am Obinna Obiorah, the dumb kid who usually take 34th position in a class of 50 back in High school.
         My story was a sad one but presently,it is a happy epoch.
I wonder if there is ever a likeness of me when history is told.I was a student who usually follow the inclination of my then friends.I had allowed room for societal influence and it gave me the real depression of my life. I can still recall names of people whom I had wanted to be like in the class back then,but I found it difficult because I never wanted to quit my friends
that were impacting in my life negatively. Our class was of three categories then.The best category was the category of the smartest kids in class.The 2nd is the category of students who make good grades by involving in malpractise,though a bit classified under smart kids.The third category is the category of kids who dont care where they will find themselves at the end of each term.They are the category of dumb kids who rarely know their teachers names.This is where I fell in.
           I was enjoying the companion of this third category of students from the outset,not knowing I was already seeking my doom.
         Honestly,life at th beginning is usually enjoyed more by students who take their studies lightly.We were messing around in the canteen,which usually constitutes our own classroom.We hang around with phones,chatting while others are busy receiving class lessons,even though it was a big crime to smuggle cell phones into the school.We never cared because we derived joy in doing those things forbidden by the school.I was never a cultist but most of my friends were.I knew I can be like the first category of students if I want to but its usually boring seeing them sitting on their chairs from morning till dismissal.I swore never to do such.I was bent on enjoying the company of my dear friends.
        The fact that teachers always speak ill about our poor performance had become fun for us.We were used to it and we always expected them to come to the class and and create another fun by calling us ugly names for failing to get their assignments right.
         I could hardly solve a physics question,chemistry nor mathematics .Yet,I was a science student.
         One day,while we were in class,talking about our educational achievements,something terrified me…….



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