Even now,I still wonder why we should always make a stream out of a cup of water.
It bothers me so much that I have even been engulfed by its gripping claws which had stuck deep on my throat.This epoch has envisaged our Nigerian-African idiosyncrasies over death.Tends to postulate the reasons why we have given much credits to death rather than life can not be over emphasized.
I have always admired Western ideologies over burial which is almost similar to evening mass service that you can possibly stand to witness.

Typical examples;-I can vividly remember the burial of Chief Sir Joe Nwankwu.Just the brochure alone had his name which was carved at the cover embroidered in gold.I had taken it light,being at my 10th,not knowing it will cost almost a million to make such embroidery.I could also remember how trailers of cows in counts of hundreds dashed across our street as they were been off loaded at his abode.I took this issues lightly then.
I also witnessed another event where someone died..People were busy crying as if they could possibly wake the deceased with such noise.I asked why people were crying as such over an old man at his 80s.Then I learnt that they were crying because there is not enough money to bury him.OMG!,I almost fainted as I thought they could base on the same inclination with me.I was hoping that when someone dies,people should just bury without having to borrow millions to spend.
Lately,I witnessed another event.A woman who was living from hand to mouth died.The children in preparation of her burial,quickly built a house under a month and by the end of the burial,I heard they spent almost 8 millions.I think our celebrities are also contributing to this wicked trend.Our dear PSquare was reportedly said to had spent 50 million during the mum’s burial.This is all vanity,what you couldnt give to someone to enjoy in life,you are doubling in death.
The Hausas are reserved in this aspect.Whether you are the president or not,you are going down on fabricated bamboo stick whereas in Igboland,just the casket alone costs almost a million.I also heard someone buried his mum with a hummer Jeep in Enugu state,a jeep worth roughly 10 million.The Apams limited are not left out.They have shown the Igbos that the only way to make heaven is the amount of money you spent in burying a dead carcass that will rot 2 hours from death.This is all vanity.
Note of warning to my unborn kids,let the ear that hears send a message across.When I die,I would be buried in the cemetery and not in my compound.Reason!–The kids will still build their own house and a dead carcass need not be a reason why a portion of land would not be put into use.2.When I die,there will be not lavish merriment.Anyone who does that will follow me down to the grave.Sponsors should instead donate the money to the motherless babies in my name.I will appreciate better.I will only recognize those who pity my death by the number of hours they were able to stand beside my grave.There will be nothing like mortuary.Once I die,I would be buried six-fits at once,no need waiting to plan for a funeral.It is a waste of money and time.People should utilize that time to go back to their works and not using it as an excuse to dodge work in the office.The only people who would receive sachet watet after my burial are those who spent energy in crying.When you cry,it shows you are really hurt but when you help in planning my funeral,you are indirectly mocking me.
Let the ear that hears hear and let the eyes that sees see and emulate Western funeral.It is ideal and economical.


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